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As we all know by now, global pandemics disrupt everything: lives, families and dreams.


They have also successfully managed to put a spoke into the spinning wheels of international engagement and at Sino-Immersions we certainly got caught by all of that. It was a known known and we used to joke grimly that we were one bird flu away from business trouble, but in the end, we didn't see the coronavirus coming!

Jeremy Clarke founded Sino-Immersions Pty Ltd in 2016, initially with a financial partner, but by 2017 he was running this consultancy on all things China by himself. His academic background as an Assistant Professor of History and armed with a doctorate in Asian and Pacific History from the Australian National University meant that he was well-equipped to provide expert advice. This included everything from helping businesses analyse their China-preparedness, their import-export opportunities and threats, as well as assisting educational institutions review their Mandarin teaching programmes.


Part of the business included organising tours to China for businesses, groups and individuals. It was a lot of hard work and yet also a lot of fun. Obviously enough, the year-long closed borders have pretty much closed the business for now too!

But, being lucky enough to live in Australia, and to have our health and to be a recently arrived resident of the wonderful town of Boorowa, Sino-Immersions has pivoted like Swans' great Paul Kelly avoiding a tackle and ventured into something new.

Boorowa is in the heart of the Hilltops region, which is the geographical indication for this beautiful part of Australia that excels in superb parrots, merino sheep, wheat and canola, cool climate grapes and awesome wine.

Liking nothing better than chatting with friends over a lazy wine, or sitting by oneself and reading a good book and pondering the state of the world, Jeremy decided to combine all these things into one.


And thus, The Absolutely Superb Bibliothèque and Occasional Wine Bar, Boorowa was launched. After negotiating more tape than even found in the Boorowa Goldie's Rugby Club's change rooms we opened our doors with a soft opening on February 13, 2021.

We are now fully operational and open our doors on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 2pm till 9pm (during the summer). We'll review the hours as we go along. Our gift cards are available at any time through the website. (see here).

At present we welcome both walk-ins and take bookings, hoping that this combination will reward the traveller who has serendiptiously stumbled upon us as well as the prudent local booking a seat for a chat and a laugh.

Contact us here.

All welcome!

Great Wall
Beijing winter.jpg
Boorowa wine bar
Boorowa Wine Bar

Here's some excellent press we have received so far. CLICK on the photo above to be taken to a recent article called: About regional: Hot in the Country!

Update: so, people still seem to like us!

See here for some recent press: Delicious Destinations

We are delighted with the support from the local and broader community and hope that Boorowa will be even more on people's map, especially for those who want to make a day trip from Sydney, Canberra and the Southern Highlands, as well as those who are traveling the inland route from Mudgee, Orange, Canowindra and Cowra. See our 'Discover Boorowa' page for suggestions as to where to stay. All welcome!



Shop 2, 9 Marsden Street

Boorowa, 2586

NSW, Australia

Tel: 0420 288 693

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